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Welcome to School Lunch Choice!

School Lunch Choice is a developer and provider of web based software that enables online food ordering for the school lunch programs of charter schools and private schools. Our proven system is designed to assist foodservice entrepreneurs as they operate a profitable school lunch catering business out of existing restaurant and foodservice locations.

With over five years of experience offering our software to a variety of lunch program across the United States, our expertise combined with our online food ordering system makes it possible for charter schools and private schools to create successful school lunch programs by partnering with local foodservice providers.

Foodservice operators and schools will dramatically increase revenues from their successful partnerships.

Foodservice Operator:

  • Increase your overall sales revenue
  • Maximize your production force
  • Known & expected production quotas

Benefits to Schools:

  • Work with local foodservice operators
  • Reduce the need for expensive overhead
  • Never lose money or run a deficit

How It Works:

  • We help you set up your online food ordering system
  • We provide free training on how to use the system. 
  • We help you customize your service to create a successful partnership